If you copy, don't call yourself a DESIGNER!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thiz blog ish tio SEXPOSED liao!

The old blog that you are currently visitng "La Haute Couture" is nothing more then the works of a copycat designer!! Yesh, they ish tio sexposed liao!

Here the proof:

The original design of several items on La Haute Couture were actually from JAM Creations!

See this blue chalcedony earings:

It was replicated immediately and sold on the La Haute Couture blog!!!

IT's R&D! Research and Duplicate!

Do you want such a copy cat designer, who claims the creative juices of others? If you want, surf on down to the newly revamped Le-Haute Couture!

If you like to be unique and original, check out the true JAM CREATIONS! They live to create, create to live!